Mercy & Justice

by Seattle Hymn Project

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released August 17, 2016

album art: Blaze Bratcher
design & production: Steve Hardin
recording engineer: Seth Moore
mixing & additional recording: Brett Baird @ Bravery Music
mastering engineer: Levi Seitz @ Black Belt Mastering
executive producers: Mark Ribera & Katie Tracy Ribera

special thanks to Green Lake Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA for use of the sanctuary as recording space



all rights reserved


Seattle Hymn Project Seattle, Washington

A collaborative music project that works with local songwriters to record and share music for the edification of the church.

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Track Name: Jealousy (Oh My Love)
Oh my love you are mine
Still you run time after time
Why do you leave me for these things which cannot fill?
Why do you turn away to those who only kill?

Soon your way you'll not find
Come to see you're lost and blind
So I will seek you, bring you back from brokenness
Then I will heal you, raise you up with tenderness

All of the lies, every scheme
All of the stories you've told
I will unravel, I will uncover
I will not let you be sold
All of your lovers - they never sought you
Blessed you or made you alive
I alone know you, suffered and bought you
Took you and made you mine

Oh my love you are mine
Still you run time after time
So I will seek you bring you back from brokenness
Then I will heal you, raise you up with tenderness

Oh my love where have you gone
Jealousy is my song
Track Name: Isaiah 30 (In Repentance and Rest)
In repentance and rest is your salvation
In quietness and trust is your strength

The Lord longs to be gracious to you
He rises to show, to show you compassion

And whether you turn to the right or to the left
Your ears will hear a voice behind you saying:
This is the way - walk in it

For the Lord is a God of justice
How blessed are all those who long for him
Track Name: Isaiah 54 (Fear Ye Not)
Fear ye not nor be ashamed
The Lord of Lords calls you by name
You have been redeemed by one
Whom God the Father calls his Son

Peace he grants to you
For he makes all things new

Trust the Lord in him abide
Your maker takes you as his bride
Though the mountains be removed
His love shall not depart from you

Surely you shall feel his peace
Though storms around seem ne'er to cease
His compassion and great love
Daily he'll make you certain of

Do not fear those who oppress
Take heart and grow in righteousness
Terror shall no more be near
For God your Savior now is here
Track Name: A Sinner Lost
A sinner, lost, I wander long
Aware, my heart, that I’ve done wrong
Fearing thy wrath, I seek to hide,
Afraid thy grace will pass me by

Look now, and see! The Lord is here
All weary sinners he calls near
His mercies daily he renews
Whate’er he’s promised, he will do.

A sinner, weak, I need thy hand
To lift my face, to help me stand
I know not where to run for aid
But to the tomb where Christ was laid

A sinner, found, I weep for joy
Trusting that death has been destroyed
As justice to repentance calls,
Thy mercy meets me where I fall

A sinner, loved, by God’s good grace
My guilt and shame, He’s all erased
I find my fear is at an end
When on his mercy I depend
Track Name: Isaiah 55 (You Will Go Out In Joy)
Come all you who are thirsty
Come to the waters
And you have no money
Come buy and eat

Without money, without cost

You will go out in joy
And be led forth in peace
The mountains and hills will burst into song
And all the trees of the field
All the trees of the field will clap their hands

Why spend money on what is not bread
Work for what doesn't satisfy
Listen to me, eat what is good
In the richest food you will delight

Seek the Lord while he may be found
Call on him while he is near
Give ear and come to the Lord
Listen that you may live without fear

Without worry, without fear
Track Name: Psalm 34 (Lord We Pray)
Lord we pray - bring mercy
Comfort those who are weak

I sought the Lord, he answered me
Delivered me from all my fears
Those who look to him become radiant
Their faces will not be ashamed

The poor cried out, the Lord heard them
And saved them from despair and grief
The angel of our Lord encamps around
Those who fear him and rescues them

When the righteous cry out for help
The Lord delivers them from death
The Lord is near to those with broken hearts
And saves the crushed in spirit